The best team takes care of you

Unica’s team of physicians, coordinators, and nurses consists of carefully chosen professionals with great personal qualities dedicated to patient satisfaction.

Our employees are a carefully selected and well-coordinated team of doctors and nurses with great human and professional qualities who are always ready to address every concern of even the most demanding patients.


All our physicians are seasoned professionals and specialists in the field of reproductive medicine with many years of experience who frequently participate and lecture, lecturing all around the world. Please, meet our team!


    Dr. Tomas Frgala, Ph.D.

    IVF lead physician, Brno
  • Dr. Tomas Cepelak

    Dr. Tomas Cepelak

    IVF lead physician, Prague

    Dr. Jiri Gogela

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Sona Cermakova

    Dr. Sona Cermakova

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Adam Zobac

    Dr. Adam Zobac

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Iryna Matskula

    Dr. Iryna Matskula

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Jana Voborska Neudeckerova

    Dr. Jana Voborska Neudeckerova

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Milan Kafka

    Dr. Milan Kafka

    IVF specialist

    Dr. Ivana Nicovska

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Nicole Wagner

    Dr. Nicole Wagner

  • Prof. Michael Churchill-Smith, MD

    Prof. Michael
    Churchill-Smith, MD

    scientific advisor
  • Dr. Martin Charvat

    Dr. Martin Charvat

    scientific advisor

Clinic Directors


    Michaela Silhava

    Clinic Director – Prague
  • Helena Nohelova

    Helena Nohelova

    Clinic Director – Brno


Our Coordination team help our foreign patients to overcome potential language barriers and ensure smooth communication. Their priority is to make the patients feel like they are at home throughout the process. The Coordinators are all university graduates and are very much looking forward to meeting you!

  • Dita Groligova

    Dita Groligova

    Head of Coordination, Brno
  • Lucie Pribylova

    Lucie Pribylova

    coordinator CZ
  • Petra Tlustosova

    Petra Tlustosova

    coordinator CZ, IT, EN
  • Anna Tranova

    Anna Tranova

    coordinator DE
  • Tatiana Dojcinovicova

    Tatiana Dojcinovicova

    coordinator DE
  • Lenka Jaluvkova

    Lenka Jaluvkova

    coordinator DE
  • Helena Blazikova

    Helena Blazikova

    coordinator EN, DE
  • Veronika Mizerakova

    Veronika Mizerakova

    coordinator EN, IT
  • Pavla Mizicova

    Pavla Mizicova

    coordinator IT
  • Mgr. Jaroslava Smejkalova

    Mgr. Jaroslava coordinator

    coordinator PL

    Karina Mitrevska

    coordinator PL
  • Martina Koubkova

    Martina Koubkova

    coordinator CZ, PL
  • Monika Frühbauerova

    Monika Frühbauerova

    coordinator HU
  • Mgr. Ljiljana Milanović Dis

    Mgr. Ljiljana Milanović, Dis

    coordinator FR
  • Eva Zuzanakova

    Eva Zuzanakova

    donor program
  • Bc. Katerina Brenzova

    Bc. Katerina Brenzova

    coordinator EN
  • Ing. Lenka Boutineau

    Ing. Lenka Boutineau

    coordinator FR, DE
  • Ing. Klara Havelkova

    Ing. Klara Havelkova

    coordinator EN, IT
  • Aneta Mindekova

    Aneta Mindekova

    coordinator DE
  • Bc. Veronika Svobodova

    Bc. Veronika Svobodova

    coordinator DE
  • Mgr. Vendula Topicova

    Mgr. Vendula Topicova

    coordinator FR


All our nurses are dedicated to the highest level of care and put their patients experience as their top priority. Seeing patients become pregnant is their motivation to come to the clinic every day!

  • Lucie Dufkova, DiS.

    Lucie Dufkova

    Head nurse, Brno
  • Renata Jiraskova

    Renata Jiraskova

  • Nikola Matulova

    Nikola Matulova, DiS

  • Petra Hollmannova

    Petra Hollmannova

  • Kristyna Herkova

    Kristyna Herkova, DiS

  • Hana Vomackova

    Hana Vomackova

  • Petra Jelinkova

    Petra Jelinkova

  • Bc. Michaela Zupková

    Bc. Michaela Zupková

  • Barbora Mrazova

    Barbora Mrazova

  • Marketa Kestrankova, DiS.

    Marketa Kestrankova, DiS.

  • Denisa Sistkova

    Denisa Sistkova



The heart of our clinic is represented by our laboratory team of highly qualified embryologists and andrologists who work according to the newest trends and with top-notch technologies and equipment. Their professionalism and knowledge are continuously strengthened and deepened by lifelong education and participation at congresses or seminars in the country or abroad.


    Sylvie Hlavacova, Ph.D.

    Head Embryologist, Brno
  • Vlastimil Weber

    Vlastimil Weber

    Head Embryologist, Prague
  • MVDr. Iveta Slatinska Ph.D.

    MVDr. Iveta Slatinska, Ph.D.

  • Radka Jaksova

    Radka Jaksova

  • Jan Lysak

    Jan Lysak

  • Mgr. Jana Konecna

    Jana Konecna

  • Blanka Baginova

    Blanka Baginova

  • Jitka Humpolcova

    Jitka Humpolcova

  • Jana Pavelkova

    Jana Pavelkova

  • Veronika Valaskova

    Veronika Valaskova

  • Mgr. Martina Ticha

    Mgr. Martina Ticha

  • Mgr. Jitka Tepla

    Mgr. Jitka Tepla

  • Renata Koci

    Renata Koci

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