Holistic fertility

The UNICA Clinic for reproductive medicine is the only one in the Czech Republic to come up with a unique concept of combining state-of-the-art technologies and a holistic approach to infertility treatment. We are interested not only in the physical condition but also in the mental well-being of our patients. We believe that the solution to their problem is a proper diagnosis, on which doctors and holistic medicine experts work together at UNICA. Thanks to this, we can significantly increase the chances of conceiving.


A really successful IVF treatment

At UNICA, we provide our patients with a treatment characterized by the latest technologies and state-of-the-art medical procedures. We approach each couple individually and perceive their needs. The IVF method of infertility treatment is highly effective. However, it is not always the only possible choice. That is why we try to find the root cause of each couple's infertility and treat it with holistic medicine. We also achieve excellent results by combining the IVF cycle with supportive treatment methods.

Balance between body and soul

We perceive the human body as a complete system. We strive to ensure that the physical health of our patients is in balance with their mental state and mental well-being. These are the basis of successful treatment. That is why our team includes not only doctors, but also a psychologist, nutritional counselor and yoga instructor. Together, they will help you create a tailor-made treatment plan and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

You can also support your fertility with our online reproductive yoga lessons, in which we will teach you yoga exercises and positions (asanas) that support and strengthen the endocrine and reproductive system.

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