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Guarantee programme

Couples leave Unica clinics as parents. We guarantee that!

About the programme

Unica clinics and its guarantee program insurance partner have joined forces to bring you a unique multi-cycle IVF programme with a refund guarantee.

Together we offer you a high-quality and affordable IVF treatment allowing you to do up to 3 full cycles or egg donation cycles to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Within this full package, you get the best and most effective methods increasing the IVF success.

If even the highest level of medical care and state-of-the-art technology does not bring positive results, you will get a 100% refund of money spent on the treatment. Thanks to this programme, we significantly reduce your worries and stress that may accompany infertility treatment. We turn your doubts into certainty. At Unica, we are committed to 100% of the result.

We turn your doubts into certainty. At Unica, we are committed to 100% of the result.

More about the program

What is the Guarantee
programme Unica?

Guarantee of success

A programme that guarantees we will achieve your desired pregnancy and a child's birth together.

Money return

A programme that allows you to leave the clinic as a family. Otherwise, you will get 100% of the amount spent on IVF treatment back.

Best methods

A programme that will provide you with the best methods available to increase the chance of conception during your IVF treatment.

Without stress

A programme in which we eliminate your stress and worries that are undesirable during treatment.

Why does Unica
offer such a programme?

Team of professionals

Because our team consists of the best doctors and embryologists with international education and ESHRE certification.

Succes rate

Because we have a long-term high success rate and have helped more than 10 000 children into this world. 

Without stress

Because in addition to the physical condition, we also pay great attention to our patients' mental well-being. The less stressed they are, the more successful treatment awaits them.

No extra fees

Because thanks to the program, our patients do not take risks and avoid unexpected extra fees.

What are the requirements?


All guarantee programme candidates need to be accepted by both Unica and their guarantee insurance partner after a detailed medical and anamnesis examination


We offer the guarantee programmes for IVF treatment using your own, or donated eggs, based on the age brackets of individual patients. More specific details will be provided by your treatment coordinator.

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