Leader in reproductive medicine

For over 20 years we have been among the leading fertility clinics in Europe.

Our top professionals, state of the art equipment, as well as personalized, case-by-case approach are the key components that make Unica special. The thousands of babies born through the assistance of IVF at Unica, and their happy families, are a testament of our efforts and success.

Unica and McGill

Team of world class specialists is validation that we offer a world class level of care, ensure best practices, and the highest quality standards in the field of assisted reproduction.

Benefits of Unica - McGill association

When Unica was looking for a partner capable of meeting the highest standards in the IVF field, it was drawn to McGill in Montreal. Building on this relationship, we are enthusiastically engaging in an on-going dialogue regarding the sharing of know-how and cooperation to ensure delivery of the most effective IVF solutions and strategies currently available.

  • Clinical and academic expertise, research and best practices in the IVF field

  • Highest level of patient care and unprecedented quality control of IVF practices

  • Consultations with the world’s top specialists

  • Continuous education and training provided by leading specialists
  • Highest academic and professional standards – our priority
  • Modern technologies, procedures and strategies
  • The emphasis on care and adherence to the highest ethical standards
  • Confidentiality and personal approach

Scientific Advisory board and medical team

Our team consists of highly qualified and carefully recruited professionals with extensive experience in the IVF field whose commitment and personal dedication continue to contribute to the success of the Unica team.

Unica also cooperates with the Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic at the Vienna University hospital.

Scientific Advisory Board

    Prof. Hananel Holzer, MD

    Prof. Hananel
    Holzer, MD

    Director, MUHC IVF center
    Dr. Weon-Young Son, PhD.

    Dr. Weon-Young
    Son, PhD.

    Chief Embryologist, MUHC IVF center
    Prof. Michael Churchill-Smith, MD

    Prof. Michael
    Churchill-Smith, MD

    President and Chief Executive Officer, MMI


All our physicians are seasoned professionals and specialists in the field of reproductive medicine with years of experience, some of them top practitioners, lecturing all around the world. Please, meet our team!

    Dr. Jan Stelcl

    Jan Stelcl

    IVF lead physician, Brno
  • Dr. Karel Rezabek

    Karel Rezabek

    IVF lead physician, Prague
    MUDr. Jiri Gogela, CSc.

    Jiri Gogela, CSc.

    IVF specialist
    Dr. Tomas Frgala, PhD

    Tomas Frgala, PhD

    IVF specialist
    Dr. Ondrej Matena

    Dr. Ondrej Matena

    IVF specialist
    Dr. Martina Novotna

    Martina Novotna

    Reproductive endocrinology specialist

Results speak for us*

1 500 total cycles

1 100 total patients

* 2015 statistics

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